I want the THC content in my cannabis flower products closer to 20% instead of 30%

Even though my best acquaintance Jackson is a craft beer fanatic, he’s not an alcoholic like my Grandpa. Jackson only drinks the equivalent of 2 or many beers in a single night, plus it’s not every night of the week. He’s never driving drunk or going to work or other life commitments under the influence. Jackson likes extravagant craft beer plus goes out of his way to try modern varieties from many places nationwide plus throughout Europe. His friends plus family consistently think what to buy him for presents whether it’s his birthday or we’re all celebrating the Winter holidays plus exchanging gifts. I asked my acquaintance once about his view on alcohol content in beer. I’ve had beer with an ABV ranging between 3% plus 14%, plus obviously the latter usually hits me with a harder buzz. Jackson believes that lower alcohol percentages on craft beers facilitates a better taste profile. He’s not interested in drinking beer to get intoxicated. I recognize the exact same way about the THC content in my cannabis flower products. People want ridiculous levels like 30% THC when I’d rather have plants that are around 20% THC. And the reason why is the terpene content in mid to high range potency cannabis plants. Although this isn’t consistently true, I have found time plus time again that the batches of cannabis flower products closer to 20% THC have a higher terpene percentage than the potent batches over 30% THC. Since terpenes are essentially what supply you the unique effects of each strain, you ideally want the highest terpene content possible.

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