High school was difficult until I discover botany

When I started high school as a geeky freshman, I only had a couple of friends. I was not into video games or paintball. I liked being outside in nature with plants and pets. A lot of people poked fun of myself and others at school and I was typically picked last for projects and games. The high school experience was seriously difficult until I discovered I had a real knack for botany. I grew lots of weird types of plants, but I enjoyed all of the 1s that were unusual and dangerous. I found a woman that had a couple of marijuana seeds and I bought 1 of the seeds for the price of a new telescope. I had a little trouble keeping the plant alive in the beginning, but I managed to grow a healthy and big plant. The marijuana was filled with seeds, however eventually I figured out how to get rid of the plants with seeds. In a year, I was growing multiple or multiple marijuana plants down by the creek, but no 1 knew the location of the plants, but I was abruptly the most popular girl in school. I had 2 or 3 pounds of dried marijuana while in each harvest and I sold the dried flower to all of the people at school. I had a ton of currency in my pocket and abrupt respect from everyone in the school. I thought I was on top of the world until the sheriff discovered my plants and chopped them down. I lost a crucial harvest and a lot of people were mad.


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