The blue dream live resin was really nice

I prefer to use recreational marijuana products instead of drinking alcohol.

  • Everyone has a way that they like to relax at the end of a long day.

My preferred way to relax is using recreational marijuana. A couple of my friends will drink beers at the bar for hours, but I honestly don’t like the way that alcohol makes me feel. I would rather feel relaxed and calm than sick to my stomach. I was completely out of sativa strains, so I went to a recreational dispensary close to my apartment. They had a couple of items on sale, including a Blue Dream Live resin product. I took the jar out of the box so I could see the product. The Blue Dream Live resin was a crumble, but it looked like diamonds. The pieces of crumble were very large and there was a bit of sauce on the bottom. I couldn’t open the jar to smell the live resin, but it looked nice so I added it to my shopping bag. I purchased a couple of additional live resin marijuana products, but the blue dream strain was the nicest product that I picked. I vaped a few small dabs of the Blue Dream concentrate before I went to work on Saturday morning. I felt uplifted and energized and ready to tackle any problem. It’s a good thing too, because the day was filled with one problem after another. The day was busy and customers didn’t want to follow the directions. I felt like a traffic cop instead of a mall santa.

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