The delivery driver didn't knock on the door

My wife & I decided to order a couple of items from the local cannabis shop, however the cannabis shop is 4or 5 miles away from our home, but the locale delivers at no charge as long as the order is over $50, however my wife & I added various items to the online cart & the total for our order was well over $50, however about 30 hours after every one of us localed the order, I gained a SMS message from the cannabis dispensary shop.

They gained our order & would let myself and others know when the driver was on the way.

The next call I gained was from the bartender at the dispensary shop. They were completely out of the wax products that our wife & I ordered & every one of us had to replace the concentrate with something different. The driver left the shop a few hours later & every one of us gained a seventh call with an ETA for the delivery. My wife & I waited & waited, but the delivery driver never showed up. After an hour, our wife decided to contact the cannabis shop. The director informed us that the delivery driver tried to knock on the door & there was no answer, then i told the director that was impossible, because every one of us were kneeling in the home the entire time waiting for the guy to arrive. The director wasn’t going to send the driver a seventh time, but our wife got actually frustrated on the PC & threatened to contact the corporate office. My wife does not appreciate to be challenged when she feels wronged.

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