The pizza guy smelled like weed really bad

Recreational marijuana is legal in the state where my friends and I live.

We live in the city as well, and there are a number of recreational marijuana dispensaries.

My friends and I live a few blocks away from a place that has great sales every day of the week. The sales are available for online orders, pick up orders, and even deliveries. My friends and I decided to order from the cannabis shop on Friday night. It was very wet and raining outside and we did not want to leave the apartment. We ordered pizza from an Italian restaurant down the street. We got a large pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni as well as a second large pizza with mushrooms, olives, and onions. We also ordered from the cannabis shop. I got a half ounce of Blue Dream flower and my roommate picked up some live resin concentrate products that were on sale. The pizza guy arrived before the marijuana, which wasn’t a big surprise. On a Friday night, it almost always takes 2 or 3 hours for the cannabis shop delivery guy. We were surprised that the pizza guy smelled like marijuana. The odor of weed was strong. He must have been smoking a joint in the car on the way to our address. Our pizza was hot and fresh and very yummy. My friends and I were halfway through our dinner when we heard a second knock on the door. The delivery guy took far less time than we expected on that wet and rainy Friday night.


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