My cousin is a veteran cannabis grower out west

Even though my cousin and I didn’t share many interests, we hung out a lot while we were growing up.

He’s the son of my father’s brother, and his family is the only extended kin of mine that have always lived in the same city.

The rest of our extended family tree is scattered throughout the country. Because of our close proximity with one another, we used to ride our bikes to a large lake at the center of our town. It was used for fishing, swimming, and water sports. I didn’t realize how much my cousin loved the outdoors and plants until we were applying to colleges in our junior year of high school. He told me that he was going to pursue botany and become a cannabis grower. I told him that I prayed that our state would have some form of legal cannabis after he finished school. It was a miracle when we voted for a constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana just months after my cousin graduated. However, he ended up leaving our area to be a grower out west in one of the more developed marijuana markets. It has only been a handful of years since my cousin entered the marijuana world as a grower, but he’s already had so much experience under his belt that he’s a veteran grower by anyone’s standards. I see the photos he posts to his instagram from cannabis flower harvests. The flower buds are sparkling with so many trichomes that you can almost smell the dank aroma through the screen! It’s nice to see that my cousin followed his dreams and became a marijuana grower.

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