CBD was what I needed for pain.

I had tried CBD for the nagging pain in my knees and neck. I received a sample roll-on of pain relief lotion and used it daily for a week. I noticed a remarkable improvement in my knee pain and I could sit without excruciating neck pain. I thought I would pay the price for the full-sized product and use it all the time. The CBD sample had done more good for me than the acetaminophen I had been using for the past two years. I found the swelling had lessened and the redness from pain had dissipated. I could now walk and turn my head without feeling the urge to cry. When I got my full-size bottle of CBD lotion, I couldn’t wait to use it, but I noticed something different. The bottle was a different color, and the CBD compound looked different. I called the company to see if I could find out if these differences were normal, but no one answered. I sent an email to the company, but no one contacted me back. After two weeks, I still hadn’t received any correspondence from the company I had bought my CBD from. That’s when I sent a letter to the address on the bottle. I received a note through my email that they were only the packaging company and they could not give me the information I was looking for. I spent nearly thirty dollars for the small bottle of CBD lotion and I couldn’t get in touch with the company. I vowed to never again be duped by an online company.


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