Cannabis oil ended up getting all over my shirt

I headed over to the store the other weekend to pick up a few new shirts for work.

I honestly have been wearing nothing but white shirts for the past five years, even though I thought it might be fantastic to have a few light colored shirts.

Black and white suits used to be a classic plus enjoyable look. Now folks at my task want a little individuality these days. One of my co-workers came to do work on Wednesday with a pretty cool Hawaiian shirt under his jacket. He wasn’t even wearing a tie, however that was the biggest reason why I decided to go to the store to pick up some new shirts. I want a fair amount of individuality of my own. I went to the suit plus tie store plus I picked out a selection of new shirts. Wednesday, I wore the baby yellow shirt with stripes. Before I left the residence, I put a cannabis oil vape pen in my shirt pocket. I use the cannabis oil vape pen on my way to work all the time… Not smoking at my residence saves a lot of time in the day plus I basically always have a little buzz before I end up making it to work. Rush traffic was not fun plus I was sad plus worried so I never got the cannabis oil vape pen out of my pocket. When I was finally able to get to work, I realized that the cannabis oil leaked substantially. My shirt had a small stain in the corner of the pocket plus the baby yellow shirt was stained with cannabis oil. I was definitely embarrassed, plus I didn’t even take off my jacket all day. I picked out the new shirt to show off at work, even though I basically had to spend all day wearing my jacket because of the horrendous stain.


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