I cannot justify purchasing live resin at $90 a gram

A few of our friends plus I went to the mountains for a ski trip last winter.

I was going to go home while being in Winter break; however, our Mom plus Mom decided to take a trip, but when I heard the news, I instantly jumped at the chance to hang out with our friends.

We had a couple of hotel rooms close to the ski resort. We were also in a state with legal recreational marijuana laws; however, since our friends plus I were there for a couple of days, both of us decided to order some supplies from a cannabis shop, and the cannabis shop had free delivery with every single order over $70… My friends plus I absolutely qualified after each one of us added items to the cart. The delivery was really honestly quick plus the driver arrived within an hour. I picked out a couple of different items from the cannabis concentrate list. I also bought a nectar collector so I could vape all of these concentrate products. The dispensary had a lot of weird live resin concentrate available. They even had a live resin concentrate that was 90 bucks a gram, but of course I did not spend that much money for the product that I purchased, however it was also seriously tempting for me. The arena had a couple of grams of various concentrate diamonds plus they were $90. With our first-time patient discount, they only would have been 77. That was closer to our actual price range, however still a lot of money. It was tempting to buy the costly product, despite the fact that I ended up with more than 2 other items for the same total price.


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