Getting to know my local cannabis spot

I’m new to town and really didn’t know anyone.

There is like a cousin I remember from my childhood that lives about an hour away.

However, I’m not exactly motivated to seek him out. So I thought it might be smart to look into places and things where there might be people with shared interests. And I found a gold mine in the local cannabis spot. I moved here for work from another state for work. Frankly, one of the motivating factors to accepting the position was that recreational marijuana was legal here. While I’m not a daily marijuana user, I do like to imbibe now and again. Where I came from, that just was a complicated scenario. There was too much to risk to find marijuana for sale back home. Unless you knew a marijuana grower, the access to marijuana products were deeply limited. That made moving here all the more exciting. Still, I wanted acquaintances and friends outside of my work. So when I went to the local cannabis spot to shop for sativa strains for sale, meeting people was on my mind as well. And from the very first visit to the cannabis dispensary near me, I struck up some lovely conversations. The local cannabis spot is conducive to that as it’s more that just a marijuana business. They structure it so people have a place to hang out as well. It’s such an inviting atmosphere and people were so welcoming as well. I even made a date with a very nice person who came up to me while I was searching through all the marijuana edibles. We’re going to share one of those marijuana edibles and she’s going to show me some awesome nature spots around here.


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