Some downtown dispos lack parking and force you to walk at night in sketchy areas

You get spoiled living in smaller cities with low crime.

I take it for granted that I can walk outside at night and meander down the road for miles without ever worrying about getting attacked, mugged, or worse.

This section is full of mostly retirees and families. My friends aren’t nearly as lucky as I am, with several living in areas that are easily dangerous after dark if you’re not in a moving car with locked doors and closed windows. Unluckyly, my community is strict about cannabis and has only allowed 1 marijuana dispensary to open within a five mile radius of my house. If I want more selection in my marijuana products, I have to drive to an adjacent city. Many of the the dispensaries in larger cities in my state or located in some of the most dangerous areas, then it’s bad when there isn’t free parking and you’re forced to walk alone at night for a mile to your parking garage with hundreds of dollars worth of cannabis in your pockets. In my state you’re not allowed to own a concealed weapon permit if you have a medical marijuana card, so I can’t even legally protect myself with a firearm. That’s why I will do everything in my power to visit these kinds of dispensaries while in sunshine hours. Working remotely gives me some flexibility with my schedule each month as long as I get my assignments turned in. I can get up and head to the dispensary in the afternoon before I start working for the day. That way I can visit any cannabis dispensaries that might be located in unsafe villages.

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