I have a task cleaning the marijuana clinic

I needed to make some extra currency while in university, so I signed up for several weird area time tasks.

I really only had availability on the weekend, so it was hard to find the right task with flexibility and fantastic pay.

One of our classmates recommended a cleaning service, but she told myself and others that the cleaning repair handles companies and office retail space. The cleaning is done at evening and on the weekends when the locales are closed for business. It sounded perfect, so I contacted the owner of the cleaning service. When I mentioned our classmate, the lady immediately asked myself and others to come in for an interview. She hired myself and others on the spot and I started the next day. My genuinely first cleaning task was at a medical marijuana clinic. I accompanied more than one other ladies on the cleaning task. I washed all of the windows and scrubbed and cleaned the floors. It was tempting to open the drawers and look for medical marijuana products. It was the first time I ever set foot in a medical marijuana clinic and I was totally gleeful and intrigued. One of the ladies warned myself and others not to touch anything, so I avoided making any mistakes that would get myself and others fired on the first day. Still, it was really interesting and fun to work at a medical marijuana clinic for our genuinely first cleaning task. The rest of the weekend wasn’t as much fun. I cleaned an office building, an house community fitness room, and several small offices at a retail outlet.

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