I wish there were more options for medical cannabis dispensaries in my old-folk town

I moved back to my hometown to take care of my parents, however that’s really the only way I would have returned.

This place is popular with retirees and I had few to any interests being here after I left for college in another state.

Aside from lacking many other people of my age, there aren’t too many suppliers here as well. The people I was with and I have several grocery stores, 1 pharmacy, and several restaurants that aren’t fast food joints. If I want to experience more variety, I have to climb into my automobile and drive to an adjacent city. I should have expected this when medical marijuana was legalized in my state several years ago, but I also hoped that things would change. I prayed that my city would approve at least 1 cannabis dispensary, and now I worry that I should have been more careful about what I was wishing for. Once 1 weed company acquired approval to build a store here, that was the end of the licenses issued. Several more marijuana suppliers stepped forward to apply for licenses to build stores, however they were all rejected individually. I wonder if there was a special deal cut between our City Council and the owners of the 1 single marijuana store that is within our city limits. You will find cannabis dispensaries on the outskirts of our city, however even those suppliers had to argument tooth and nail to get their licenses. The county commissioners tried to block them however lost the legal battle in the end. I just wish I didn’t have to drive so far to simply have access to more than several or several weird strains of marijuana on a long term basis. It’s easy to get sick of a particular strain of weed if you’ve had it constantly for years on end.
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