The importance of marijuana business permits

My task title was a Store Opening Site Manager, plus what I did was to make sure the newest dispensary for our director opened up with no problems, opening a cannabis dispensary is not a small amount of work, so I l gained to handle the paperwork, filing for permits, surprising construction, plus hiring of staff.

Over the course of 3 years I helped to open twelve weird dispensaries, plus I l gained a lot, however i l gained so much, in fact, that soon after I resigned, plus went to work for a cannabis dispensary consulting firm instead, plus started making twice the money! Now I do the same task that I used to, only as a hired gun, so to speak. I handle the volumes of paperwork needed for the recreational marijuana business permit service, which saves people weeks worth of wait time, then any kind of business consulting can be extravagant to a current business, however this is such a specialized market it is genuinely hard to find people who do what I do. In the last several months I am aware of 3 other dispensary consulting firms opening up, so I believe the market is growing, however it is still a genuinely small niche. Even if you don’t hire a marijuana consulting service, I encourage you to reach out plus make contact with a single to see what they can offer you, however even if you don’t sign on as a client, they could still offer you tips on marijuana business permit services, which is a single the greatest hurdles you will ever face.

Cannabis business consulting