It's fun to pretend when you’re high

My friends plus I enjoy an activity that a lot of people find deranged or weird. My associate and I like to dress up plus job play that my pal and I are medieval afternoons, queens, plus proper peasants. Once each week my pal and I meet in the park plus my pal and I job play that there has been some type of problem in the courtyard plus there needs to be a sword fight. It is a lot of fun for a nerd like me, but other people know it is strange. My associate and I unquestionably get looks from people that are passing by, but my pal and I try not to let those looks affect the fun that my pal and I are having. My friends plus I usually go to a recreational marijuana dispensary near me to get products that will help us relax plus have more fun. I unquestionably enjoy using recreational marijuana on Sundays when my pal and I go to the park to job play! When I get high, it is fun to relax plus pretend. It makes it a lot easier not to know about the people staring. A few weeks ago my neighbor Darius was helping out with set design plus someone was videotaping him, then she got disturbed plus decided to do something deranged. She got on top of the set plus started acting like an angry king. The whole thing was caught on video plus then it played on social media. The video attracted more than 3 million views in the last 5 weeks. I never thought Darius would end up on the news plus it was cool to see our group of friends being represented in a positive way.

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