Luckily I had access to a cannabis dispensary

Have you ever tried growing plants yourself? It is way more complicated than the anti-drug people led me to believe.

It is called weed, and the implication is that it just grows wild wherever it can grow.

I am constantly battling weeds in my yard, and no matter what I do they just keep growing. Marijuana is not anything like a weed, and takes a lot of different things to make it come to maturity. Thanks to COVID and the subsequent quarantine making it impossible for me to visit my dealer, I felt like I had no choice but to grow my own. It did not work out very well, and I might have had to go months without any cannabis were I not rescued by my sister. Her boyfriend has a prescription for medical marijuana, and thanks to the new COVID protocols he was allowed to purchase it online and have it delivered. His insurance didn’t pay for it, but still he had the prescription card that gave him to the cannabis dispensaries that would not take my money. So I used Venmo to send my sister a couple of hundred bucks, and he ordered the cannabis I needed from the dispensary. It arrived within two days, at which point I snuck out in the middle of the night to drive to their house and pick up my marijuana. After going a few weeks without it, the taste and smell of the cannabis smoke was enchanting. I wish it was easier to grow my own pot, but at least I have access to a cannabis dispensary now.


Cannabis delivery