The free pre roll was junk plus not very good

I ordered some marijuana products from a brand current site in town; They bragged about a first time patient special, despite the fact that I don’t suppose it was very special if you asked me, when I called to site my order, I was told that I would acquire a free 1 gram infused pre-roll with my purchase‚Ķ I was hoping for a discount like 20 or 30%, however a pre-roll was better than nothing.

When my delivery driver arrived with the marijuana products, the first thing I did was check the bag to make sure that everything was inside. The driver told me that they were completely out of papaya into the batter. It was substituted with another Indica batter from the same manufacturer, so I was okay with that! My free pre-roll was in the bottom of the bag. I decided to smoke the pre-roll first. I should have tried the Indica strain first, because the free parole was junk plus not very good. It did not taste very fantastic plus the flavor of the marijuana was more like dirt than a delicious plant. The joint said that it was supposed to have 23% thc. For an infused joint, that was very low. I felt a little awful about what I gained for free as a first-time patient customer, despite the fact that I will not order from that site again. They entirely should have given me nothing instead of giving me that awful joint that tasted like crap. They could have thrown in a dollar dose edible plus that would have been way better than the junky plus stale pre roll.


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