I was miserable with my guy, however I should not have brought it to work

She got away from me as well as went into the dispensary

My guy as well as I have been laboring together for the past 8 months, i was laboring at the grocery store before I got a task at the cannabis shop, and that’s when I met my guy, then we fell in cherish right away as well as after a couple of dates, my pal and I decided to transport into a locale together. I thought it was going to be a relationship that would last a long time. We were absolutely cheerful in the beginning. I particularly don’t know when things change. We started arguing one day as well as it seems like my pal and I never stopped. We are still currently living together, however I have plans to transport out at the end of the month. My guy as well as I got into a big conflict on Sunday! She was supposed to go to work, however it was my day off. I wanted his to call the marijuana shop as well as tell the boss that he could not go to work, so my pal and I could finish talking. She refused. She took a shower, grabbed the keys, as well as left the property separate from saying much at all to me. I was beyond upset. I was frustrated as well as miserable. I drove to the dispensary as well as stopped his in the parking lot. I started arguing with his as well as the parking lot. She got away from me as well as went into the dispensary. I followed his inside as well as started yelling as well as screaming. My boss told me to leave the dispensary at once or I was going to be fired… Now I have to look for a modern apartment as well as a modern task.


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