The flavor of cannabis cooking

I started cooking with cannabis very much by accident.

This was during the early days of the COVID pandemic, and we were all in a very strict lockdown around here.

Most stores were closed entirely, or with only very limited access, and we were all strongly discouraged from leaving our own property. I was well stocked with weed at the time, but I was out of lighters. All I had in the house were wooden matches, and I was out of rolling papers, too. If I wanted to get high, I needed to make some cannabis edibles. I had no brownie mix, so I had to hunt for all the ingredients to make them from scratch, but it seemed the only ingredient I had enough of was cannabis. I didn’t want to just chew on a mouthful of marijuana, so I did a total inventory of my kitchen to see what I could cook. I ended up slowly cooking a sauce pot of pasta sauce, heavily laced with finely ground buds of cannabis. The marijuana was super-fine, I had put it through the grinder three times until it was a powder. I mixed it into the sauce, and served it over some noodles, and it tasted terrible. All that finely powdered cannabis tasted like I had mixed in a handful of dirt, so it was not exactly delicious. Thirty minutes later I found that I hadn’t moved, and was staring into space, and realized the cannabis pasta sauce had me completely stoned. After that I started working more on the flavor.