Marijuana products can cost a lot of you don't shop around

We all know how important it can be to shop around for the best prices on the products that we use the most.

I’ve noticed the prices on lots of things have gone up.

At the grocery store, I am definitely paying more for eggs, bread, and milk. At the pump, I can see the rise in the cost of gas. The price for my utilities have gone up as well. I’m paying more for electricity and water. I bet the phone company will raise their prices soon too. Marijuana products can cost a lot if you don’t shop around. That’s one thing that I know for sure. I use recreational and medical marijuana products daily. It is very important to make sure that I find the best deals on marijuana so I have the money to spend on extra gas and toilet paper expenditures. I regularly search around so I can find the best deals on medical and recreational marijuana products. It doesn’t cost a lot to buy recreational or medical marijuana, but having my marijuana card allows me to purchase a higher limit of concentrate and marijuana flower when I go to the dispensary. If I find a really great sale, I can take advantage of it and buy a lot of products. I don’t usually buy a lot of products, because I live very close to the dispensary. I only buy bulk if there is a good sale. Last week there was a sale on marijuana concentrates. There was a distributor in the building and most of the concentrates were buy one and get one for half off. The sale made my favorite strains only $25 each.



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