The vape pen is easier at work

When I am at home, I regularly smoke marijuana out of a bowl or a bong.

  • Smoking dry marijuana flower is probably my favorite way to enjoy the plant.

Unfortunately, when I am at work in the office, I can’t smoke marijuana. I could go out to my car and get away with smoking at lunch, but the minute I come back into the building I’m going to smell like marijuana and that is going to raise a thousand flags. They drug test you for marijuana at this job, even though it is legal for medical reasons. I can still lose my job and the boss can make it a big deal if he wants to. For this reason, I do not use dried marijuana flower products at work. I do still need medical marijuana, so I carry a vape pen with me. Marijuana oil has a less pungent odor than dried flower. Marijuana oil can be vaped at a low temperature. Concentrates come in lots of different flavors and strains. The marijuana vape pen cartridges also come in different strains like blue dream, Girl Scout cookies, and OG kush. The vape pen is easier to use at work and it does not have an odor. I can even go into the bathroom and hit the marijuana vape pen a couple of times. As long as I blow out the vapor into the air, there really isn’t any way for me to get caught. So far it seems to be working really well, so I’m going to continue using medical marijuana oil pens at work.



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