Changing to vaping

For a long time I thought that I just hated smoking cannabis.

  • I hated rolling my own joint, packing a bowl, trying a hookah, or a pipe.

It just wasn’t pleasant. I coughed a lot, made a mess, and had a lot of trial and error. There was a lot of embarrassment with smoking. I changed to edibles and didn’t really like it. Hated that with an edible the high instantly gets into your bloodstream. I would get high quicker and it wouldn’t last as long. I hated eating what I needed to be fun too. Most cannabis products are fattening. I didn’t want pot brownies, gummies, chocolates, or a THC infused beverage. I talked to a budtender at the recreational weed dispensary near me. The guy was really great about finding the right product for me. He highly advocated that I try cannabis oil. He told me vaping is a much easier, user friendly way. Now with a vape I just load an oil cartridge and press a button. It burns the oil and gets rid of all the harmful stuff that is in a flower form. It then provides me a relaxed, and long lasting high. Vaping is so simple, discreet and prob. I carry the vape in my pocket and an extra cartridge in my wallet. I never feel stupid when I vape either. Some people think I smoke E-cigarettes rather than weed. That is nice since I don’t want to publicize that I enjoy marijuana. It is just better all around and the easiest way to consume weed in my opinion.


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