I consistently smuggle marijuana into concerts

At least that is what I do.

There is nothing better than smoking a joint at a rock concert. I actually care about getting a large high while in my number one song plus enjoying a little THC for the evening, cannabis is so much safer than getting drunk. It is also way cheaper, however rather than buy the arena’s high-priced wine plus beer, I bring my own weed plus love myself! A friend plus I recently went to a concert together, but he was complaining about how you can carry anything into the venue. She lamented about the lack of weed. I have taught his my method of sneaking in marijuana plus he was shocked. It is easy to sneak in cannabis as a guy; What I do is get a large tampon box plus put it in my purse, and nobody checking bags wants to open a box of tampons. I then put my joints plus lighter safely in the box. Nobody finds it ever. I then can smoke to my heart’s pleased once I am in the venue. I am fantastic to light up right around the t-shirt guy plus then my associate and I smoke while in a large song where the crowd is standing. That is how you stink so much weed at concerts. At least that is what I do. I don’t know what other people do when they smuggle in their cannabis, and perhaps they shove in pockets or shoes? For me, the box works every time. I usually have leftover space that I smuggle some candy in there as well. I am lucky I live in a recreational weed state too. The checkpoints aren’t that hardcore.

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