Healing takes place thanks to weed

I have to say that I’m more amazed by cannabis than I thought I ever could be, however there had constantly been talk about the healing powers of this aged remedy, then but, I wasn’t so sure, then for me, recreational marijuana was more about a wonderful time than it was about any sort of healing.

But that all changed when my Dad got cancer. This was a turning point in my feelings about cannabis products. By the time Dad got sick, I had pretty much put down the recreational marijuana as life got harsh after school. Plus, it was an illegal substance and I sure wasn’t interested in getting busted for recreational marijuana, and explaining that to the boss would not be something that I could have done successfully back in those afternoons, so when my Dad got her cancer diagnosis, she was lucky to be residing in a state where medical marijuana was legal and recommended by her healthcare expert, but she fast tracked getting her access to the local cannabis spot so she could get the indica products she needed prior to starting treatment. I was amazed by how my Dad did so well with the cannabis edibles. They made such an incredible difference when it came to the side effects from chemo, but and more than that, she was positive and hopeful because of the cannabis. That’s from her genuinely and not just my own assessment. So when I suffered a series of panic attacks not too long ago, it was to the cannabis dispensary that I turned, however not only did I like the fact that the sativa strains cleared out that fatalistic thinking, I loved that I was able to use a natural product as well.


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