Becoming a partner in a cannabis dispensary

I never thought the day would come when I was in the weed business.

As a young person I was a big fan of getting high, especially on days when I skipped school. In college things really ramped up, and I experimented with all kinds of substances that were illegal. After graduation I stopped doing drugs, and rarely drank liquor, but I still enjoy the bite of cannabis smoke in my lungs. There is something so calming to me about marijuana, it really does help manage my stress. So imagine my delight and surprise when I was offered an investment opportunity in a local cannabis dispensary. It was a major risk, because in order to “buy in” to the cannabis shop I would need to “cash out” all my investments, my 401k, and my retirement fund. I would also need to accept the fact I wouldn’t draw a salary for several months. Even though it was going to be a huge risk I decided to become a part of the new cannabis dispensary. It takes all new businesses several months to start turning a profit, and a cannabis shop is no different. My partners and I worked long hours for no pay, trying to give the best customer service and develop a loyal group of regulars for the cannabis shop. Slowly but surely our hard work is paying off, and cannabis sales are rising a little bit every month. Very soon the cannabis shop should be profitable enough we can start getting paid! After that we will look into hiring the budtenders to work for us.

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