I don’t know that I enjoy the newest cannabis products

I am always game to try something new, it is part of my adventurous personality.

For example, whenever I go to the bar I tell the bartender to bring me the cocktail they make the very best.

I never choose the drink, I let the barkeep bring me something they think is good. Sometimes it works out, and other times not so much, but I always have that element of surprise. Recently I did something similar with my friends at the cannabis dispensary. Instead of buying marijuana like normal, we all bought something we hadn’t tried before. I purchased a variety of cannabis drinks, including fruit juice, lemonade, soda, and purified water that had been enriched with THC and CBD. My friend Ike bought a new flavor of cannabis wax he could use with his dab rig. Sarah got a disposable vape pen that was preloaded with three different cannabis oils. That was a neat product called a “randomized vaporizer” which gave you a random hit of one of the cannabis oils every time. We spent that night getting wild at my place, indulging in our new cannabis products. I made cocktails using cannabis drinks, vodka, and ice, and that kicked things into overdrive! It was a fun night, but I must admit by the end of the night I was ready to pack a bowl of traditional cannabis flower. All the new cannabis products were fun to play around with, but there is no substitute for the real thing. Cannabis buds freshly picked from the plant will always be the best way to get high.



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