The art and science of cannabis edibles

I started messing around with cannabis edibles during the COVID lockdown.

  • I had a lot of time on my hands, and I had a lot of cookbooks, so I played around with recipes and learned what I could enhance with a little weed.

Sadly the quarantine ended and I had to go back to work, but I never lost my interest in cooking. That was a couple of years ago at this point, and I think I have gotten my cannabis-infused cuisine down to a science. I don’t make the traditional edibles you might be picturing in your mind – I don’t do pot brownies, space cakes, or cookies flecked with weed. I make pasta dishes, seafood, and freshly-baked bread, all of which are enhanced with cannabis oil that I make myself. The essence of cooking with cannabis is the oil. Once I mastered the art of infusing cannabis into extra-virgin olive oil, I unlocked all the secrets I needed. Once the olive oil has been enriched with the power of cannabis, it transfers that flavor and that THC potency into every ingredient it touches. I finely chop some veggies and then saute them in cannabis oil, and now I have the base for a delicious pasta sauce that will get me super stoned. Another great thing about cannabis oil is that it is shelf-stable, which means it will keep for a while. I made one huge batch of cannabis oil which lasted me for a few weeks. If you want to bring a bottle of wine, come over for dinner sometime.
Marijuana edibles