Going away front he crowd to enjoy my cannabis puff

I finally gave into Sheryl’s request to have her friends over for a sleepover party to mark the beginning of summer vacation.

She had earned it and it was only fair that I give in.

It kind of brought back memories from my college days when my own parents would allow me to hang out with friends as long as we were cautious. It was one of the coolest things even back then. I helped buy the sacks, drinks, and cool games just to help ensure that everything was legal. I promised to give them space so when they were settled I snack out back to enjoy a refreshing puff away from the girls. I had picked this new OG Kush blend that I was dying to sample so this was such a treat. On the surface one would easily mistake me for the old-too-goody mom but beyond this I enjoyed a glass of cold beer and some refreshing stash of cannabis for a stress free evening. In fact most parents were like me and I knew a few who enjoyed weed just that their kids were unaware. When enjoying my private moments I suddenly realized that Sheryl’s friend was staring at me. I didn’t act quick enough as she noticed what I was doing and came to me. She too was out here trying to hit her cannabis vape pen. We agreed to keep each other’s secrets and assume nothing happened. To seal our pact I gave her my stash and she allowed me vape hers. I was pleasantly surprised as I had never vaped cannabis oil before, but this new experience was fantastic. As I watched her leave I could help but pray that she keeps my secret as I was sworn to secrecy not to tell her parents about their daughter’s secret love.



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