I will choose the old school smoking technique any time

Crazy cousin Louis came over with a few of his rowdy friends the other night.We have always been close since the days Aunty Patty would leave me in charge when she went for work.

Right now I work and he attended a college close to my workplace. This makes it easy for us to hang out occasionally when I am available. But Louis had become such a party animal and this time he wanted to drag me into their scheme. He claimed that I didn’t know how to party just because I did my stuff with a lot of moderation. Together with his friends, they went to the local cannabis dispensary, got an assortment of cannabis products and brought it to my place to sample. This was new for me I must confess as I preferred to smoke my cannabis and not consume it any other way. But Louis and his friends had something else in mind as they forced me to dab oils and cannabis wax,an experience that was scary to begin with. They had also brought dozens of cannabis edibles, which I declined since edibles make me feel fatigued and I was not about to lose control. Not when I was actually trying other new forms of cannabis. I wanted to go slow and carefully. A few dabs later, the cannabis wax made me feel like I was floating in the air. It was all too dreamy and odd but not too bad. By the end of it although, I concluded that smoking cannabis was more my style as I had things under control all through. Although the oils and wax were great, they are not my thing. This is how I know I love the old-school style to date.


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