Hiding from the crowd to enjoy a puff

It was all a new experience for me and I loved it

I allowed Sally and her friends to have a sleep over at my home as a way of celebrating the end of their first college semester. This used to be one of the coolest things to do back in our university days so I had no problem allowing them too. I even offered to buy the young girls popcorn & some juice, and allowed them to watch movies & play games. They were generally free to run the show for the night. After ensuring they were into their party, I sneaked out back to smoke my cannabis. I was longing to try the fat joint of a new OG Kush I hid away. Most people thought I was the typical Soccer Mom, but I still like to enjoy neat whiskey shots & a fat bowl of refreshing cannabis. I also know of a few parents who do the same without their kids’ knowledge. As I was getting stoned, I noticed that one of Sally‚Äôs friends was outside, too! I tried to hide my cannabis, but the girl had already seen me. She too had come outside to hit her cannabis vape pen. She agreed to keep my secret if only I agreed to keep hers. I agreed, and even gave her a hit from my cannabis. To reciprocate, she handed me her vape rig to try out. Thai was a first for me since I had never vaped cannabis oil before. It was all a new experience for me and I loved it. I was tied to my word, & never told her parents that she was vaping cannabis. I hope she keeps hers too and never lets my daughter know.


Recreational marijuana