Smoking cannabis is fun if done the old-school way

My buddy Billy came over with a few of her friends the other night.

Billy & I have remained close since the days I used to babysit her.

Now I work & she goes to college next to my workplace, so we still hang out on a weekly basis most of the time. This time Billy brought her friends because she wanted me to party like they did. Well, I thought I was okay with my partying style but it turns out it wasn’t. I was a bit different as I had limits & I know just how much cannabis to smoke, or how much drink to have. Billy and her pals had just come from the local cannabis dispensary with a massive assortment of products they wanted me to try. This was new territory for me – as I said, I control the amount of cannabis to smoke. However, this was all new to me. We dabbed which involved a burning of cannabis wax and inhaling which was a bit much at first. They had also come with a wide selection of cannabis edibles, which I stayed away from. Usually, edibles make me feel sleepy and drowsy. Since I was here trying other new forms of cannabis there was no way I was rushing into overdoing anything.A few dabs in and the cannabis wax made me feel absolutely dreamy. It was a strange higher feeling than what I got from smoking cannabis. This felt cleaner and lighter somehow. By the time the night came to a close,I was having a good time, despite the fact that I still wanted to smoke some real marijuana instead of oils & wax. I’ve come to appreciate the more traditional ways of getting stoned.


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