Sneaking outside to smoke cannabis

To celebrate the end of the college year which also marked the beginning of summer time, my niece Melinda had a few of her friends sleep over at my house.

Think of a typical slumber party! It took me back to my days in college,when this was one of the coolest things to do.

I happily bought them everything they needed for a good night including snacks, drinks, and some movies as Melinda wanted. When I thought they were all engrossed and distracted I moved out onto the back porch to smoke my favorite cannabis. I was craving the fat joint of a new OG Kush blend that I wanted to sample.Despite my looks of the happy-go mom, I still enjoy a glass of whiskey and a fat bowl of tasty cannabis. Besides, I also know a lot of the other parents who use cannabis without the kids knowing. As I was enjoying my stash, I realized that one of my niece’s friends was outside, too! I tried to hide the cannabis, but she had already caught me. She said that she came outside to hit her cannabis vape pen. The deal was for her to keep my secret if I kept hers. This was easy and she even offered to take a hit from my cannabis while I tried her vape rig out. It was a fast for me as I had never vaped cannabis oil before, and the experience was quite pleasant. I intended to keep my word of not telling her regarding her vaping cannabis. I hope she never tells my niece too!


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