I wanted marijuana for my fiance.

Last week, a new marijuana dispensary was set up in our city; I could not think how happy my fiance was to know he could legally purchase recreational marijuana. I wasn’t so excited, because it would be one more traffic blocker when trying to drive across town; While I was in neighborhood one afternoon, he called and asked me to go to the marijuana store for her, but some of our friends were coming over for a BBQ, and he wanted a special dessert for them. I walked into the marijuana dispensary and asked if they had any space cakes. She told me they had a special on all edibles if I had gone online; Unfortunately they were all gone. When I got home, I asked my fiance why he didn’t look at the website. She could have ordered what he wanted, and have marijuana delivery services bring it to the house. I wouldn’t have had to deal with the traffic. When our friends arrived, Tom had a box with brownies inside. I asked how he managed to snag them because the dispensary was all out; He told me Fran was looking online, and they were having a special on them. She put in the order to make sure he had some, and had marijuana delivery services supply them to the condo when he got home. I looked at my fiance as if to say, someone thought of marijuana delivery and early ordering, however he was ignoring me. I had a feeling it was going to be a legitimately long and cold night since he was now mad at me.

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