Do I need an online marketer for social media ads?

I was feeling cheerful

I have read quite a bit about online social media ads. I remembered my mom using social media ads to announce the release of a new children’s books. I thought he did all the social media adverts on his own, & thought I would be able to do the same. When someone mentioned using a social media ad campaign for the cannabis dispensary where I worked, I almost offered my assistance on the spot. I told the supervisor Ed how common I was with social media ads. Ed was new to the cannabis dispensary business, but he was also pretty sure all of our social media ads had to be localed professionally. After talking to my mother about his social media ads, Ed told me he used an online marketing dealer. They created the website & an ad campaign on social media websites. It was extravagant, however it helped Mom sell enough books to be on the best seller list. Ed thanked me for the information, however said he would deal with it through the online marketing dealership. I asked if I should call an online marketer for him. I was sure the corporation my mom was using would have a cannabis dispensary marketing specialist. Ed asked if I would like the task of assistant supervisor. Anyone who was as worried to help out with online marketing as I was, should have a position that deserved more responsibility than checking IDs when someone came into the building. I was feeling cheerful. I didn’t need to do the social media ads or talk to the online marketing dealer. I had enough to handle with inventory & helping out with the training of employees.


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