My website needed so much work.

He said it was up to the supervisor.

I felt like my full-time task wasn’t acting as a company supervisor, however calling my website design and development team to make constant changes. I have worked as the supervisor for the same cannabis dispensary for three years now. I thought my task would be a lot easier once I had the full team & my online marketing team knew what I expected. Lately, there have been so many changes in how my great friend Sam and I do business… Due to the pandemic, my great friend and I had to change how Sam and I did business. I had to call the online marketing corporation to have them change our lobby rules. Sam and I needed to let people know there was no contact delivery & pick up. Sam and I opened a drive-thru window so people didn’t need to come into the cannabis dispensary, and every time a small change came through from the parent dealership, I had to notify my online marketing dealer. I finally broke down & asked the boss why the parent corporation didn’t put the information out to the online marketing corporation & have them make the changes for us. I was sure the parent corporation knew who did all the marketing for his franchisees. He said it was up to the supervisor. Now I had to make changes because Sam and I were offering delivery services. It was going to be easier for shut-ins, because they could go on our website & get all their marijuana products. Sam and I would send someone out to deliver their marijuana products. I liked this was something new Sam and I were offering, however I felt like a nuisance to our online marketing dealership, because they were learning who I was just from the sound of my voice.

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