Reunion, rebirth, reawakening, and a trip to cannabis dispensary

Things were getting ugly & somebody just had to do something.

So me & my highschool bestie Ed jumped in her motorcar & headed to the local cannabis spot.

It had been such a long, long time since I had been on the property that I didn’t really know my way around anymore. For sure, there were no cannabis dispensaries back when Ed and I were in highschool. And the town had grown so much that it was now this sort of trendy, small city, but Ed had stayed put so she was all for it when I advocated some recreational marijuana… Cannabis products have been legal for anyone over 21 here for several years now. But that’s not what brought me back to my property town. It was the weekend of my 30th highschool reunion that brought me back. The committee who put it all together really went out of their way to do it right. I was so impressed with the turnout & indeed, it was fantastic to see pretty much everyone there. That said, it got boring quickly. And I was for sure not interested in being stone, freezing sober for a night of too much back-slapping. So off Ed and I went to the local cannabis spot. It was unquestionably so nice to spend some quality time with someone who I’ve unquestionably stayed close with all of these years. Ed has turned out to be quite the dear friend. It was so much fun unquestionably shopping for marijuana for sale together. When Ed and I were dating, my pal and I wouldn’t have known the right end of a joint to light. And yet, here Ed and I were getting a bunch of cannabis edibles for any & all who wanted to partake. Surely enough, it was those edibles that saved the 30th highschool reunion.

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