I decided to smoke with my friends

My spouse and I agreed that neither one of us would smoke marijuana until after our baby was born.

My spouse can’t smoke marijuana because she is 5 months pregnant and I told her that I would not smoke around her because it would be difficult for her.

I have been respecting her wishes even though it has been difficult. I have had a lot of tough weeks at work and I have been thinking about recreational marijuana a lot. When my spouse went to her sibling’s house on Sunday evening, one of my friends came over and we hung out in the backyard drinking beer. My neighbor brought a marijuana joint with him and I decided to smoke with my buddy. My buddy called another one of our friends and he brought a second marijuana joint. The three of us smoked until I was completely and totally stoned. When my spouse got back from her sibling’s house, I was passed out on the couch and I smelled like marijuana. My spouse got entirely mad because I got high with my boys. She called me selfish and said that I wasn’t thinking of her. I wasn’t trying to be selfish, but my spouse was with her siblings and I was hanging out with my friends. It’s not like I planned to get high, but the option was there and I did not say no. My spouse is still exasperated and it’s been 5 days since she went to her sibling’s house. I wish she would stop sulking and being mad and let things go.



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