Concentrates, vape pens and dried marijuana flower

Purple Diesel is one of my number one town of marijuana strains.

Purple Diesel has Bubba Kush and sour diesel.

It might be listed as a hybrid on some websites, but the Purple Diesel strain that I buy is 100% a sativa. It makes me feel focused, uplifted, and full of energy. Purple Diesel has a sour taste and an aroma that is a lot like gas. It only takes about 8 weeks to see the dents and dark buds coming through. Purple Diesel is a fantastic medical marijuana strain to relieve stress and depression. When I have a day off and I want to spend the day relaxing, I always use a purple diesel marijuana strain. The strain is available at the marijuana dispensary near me and they have the products in concentrates, vape pens, and dried marijuana flower. No matter what type of product you buy, the screen is always the same. That’s one thing I like about buying marijuana from the dispensary. It’s going to be the same every single time. If the bag says Blue Dream when 72% thc, then you can be sure that you are going to get Blue Dream that has a high THC content. The marijuana dispensary near me never lets me down and they always have something fantastic to go with the purple Diesel. Sometimes it’s Blue Dream or Jack Herer and sometimes it is an interesting sativa hybrid like Caribbean Fire or Maui Wowie, both of those strains have a nice pineapple flavor and a hint of coconut. They are best in concentrate form, but the flower smokes well too..



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