The delivery was totally busy for 6pm

A client called the marijuana dispensary to locate and order.

The store is usually tied up on Mondays when my buddy and I have 25% off everything in the store.

If you come to the marijuana dispensary during our cheerful hour, you get to save an additional 10%. 35% total off everything in the entire store is a wonderful deal. That is the same exact amount of discount I receive as an employee. The only products that are included in the sale are the clearance items and they are consistently marked down on Monday Mornings right before the sale. Even our delivery and pick up orders can qualify for the savings and the sale. Pick up orders can only qualify for the additional 10% during cheerful hour if the pickup is made during cheerful hour, however deliveries can only receive the savings if they entirely order during cheerful hour. My friend and I had another delivery that was busy for 6:00 p.m. The budtender did not check to see when the girl’s location was on the order. The man should have qualified for 35% off the order instead of 25% off. When I got to the front door with the order and provided the girl the total, she looked confused. She thought that the total would be lower due to the sales. I looked at the time on the order which was printed on the bucket and the girl clearly ordered for delivery during our cheerful hour special. I took an additional $28 off the total and told the client that I would figure it out when I got back to the dispensary.

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