The red edibles were super yummy

I had another two red flavored edibles once my buddy and I got to my mom’s house

My Dad doesn’t really like to go to the marijuana dispensary by herself. I understand why she feels unusual going alone and I do not mind driving my Dad to the shop. My friend and I usually go to the marijuana dispensary on Tuesday, because I do not have to go to work until 2:00 p.m. The marijuana dispensary is really close to my house, although I drive into the country to pick up my Dad and then I go back to the city. It takes a couple of hours to complete the trip, however my Dad and I usually have brunch too; then last Tuesday my Dad was looking at the edibles and my buddy and I decided to try a couple of the cheap brands. There is one particular brand that is vegan and gluten free. The edible cannabis corporation only uses the highest quality oils and plants to infuse into their delicious candies and treats. Since red is my number one flavor, I decided to buy the red flavored candies. My Dad finally bought the pineplum. Both of us bought a sativa strain. I decided to have two of the red flavored edibles as soon as my buddy and I got out of the car. I had another two red flavored edibles once my buddy and I got to my mom’s house. The are not edibles were super yummy and they tasted great, however even after 40 mg of cannabis, I still didn’t feel much at all. I was hoping I would enjoy the edibles and they would work well, because they weren’t absolutely expensive and they tasted great. My Dad really loved her sativa pineapple flavored gummies, despite the fact that she didn’t feel much either.

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