The sativa strain was tasty, but more indica like

Unfortunately, the sativa strain was much more like an indica

I went to the marijuana dispensary on Monday morning when they had a sale on all of the marijuana flower products. All of the top tier products are 30% off and the rest of the marijuana flower products are all 20% off. The budtender behind the counter was very skilled and knowledgeable and she told me about several new strains that were available that week. One of the strains was a sativa. The name of the sativa strain included strawberries and I was hoping that the flower would have some type of fruity taste. The sativa marijuana strain was covered with white and red trichomes. It was definitely one of the prettiest marijuana strains that I have ever seen. The top tier marijuana product was 30% off, but I still paid $55 for the eighth of bud. As soon as I got back to my house, I cleaned up my bong so I could smoke the brand new sativa strain. I took time to clean the bong well, so I got a good hit from the top tier marijuana products. I wanted to taste all of the flavonoids and terpenes. I thought that the sativa strain was really tasty. I could tell that there was some type of berry or fruit terpene. Unfortunately, the sativa strain was much more like an indica. After I smoked a couple of hits, I started to feel tired. I needed to take a nap and I should have been filled with energy. It was a little disappointing, but it was still a great product.

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