I needed an experienced counter attendant for the pot shop

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right person for the job and that is often the case when it comes to hiring experience counter attendance for the pot shop.

The pot shop is a family-run business.

My dad originally started growing marijuana in Mendocino County and when everything was legalized, he decided to start a small pot shop. We only saw items in the pot shop that come directly from the farm and field. We harvest and manufacture everything in house. When people come to visit the pot shop, they are looking for a full experience. We take them on tours of the fields and the indoor grow house. We also have a small vineyard and a shop where people can sit down and have lunch. I tried to find an experienced counter attendant for the marijuana shop, but I didn’t have any luck at all. I interviewed a half dozen people for the job, but none of them had the personality and skill level that I thought was necessary for the counter attendant position. I decided to contact a specialty staffing agency. The staffing agency is known to staff marijuana dispensaries and farms with the help that they need. It only took 2 weeks for me to find the perfect person for that job. The young man was working for the staffing agency, but I offered him a full-time position. I also offered the guy more money than he was making at the staffing agency, which wasn’t hard to do. The agency only pays their staff about 20% of the fee that I pay for the service

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