I like sleeping after smoking weed

I was hanging out with some guys at the gym and I mentioned the fact that my knees were aching.

I was playing basketball at the time and I need an excuse for missing 70% of my jump shots.

I mentioned my aching knees and I told the guys that I wasn’t sleeping very well. One of my coworkers that goes to the gym with me mentioned recreational marijuana. The guy seemed like he was an expert on recreational marijuana. He told me that he sleeps really well after going to the gym, especially when he smokes recreational marijuana. I asked the guy if he meant smoking weed. When I was a kid, a lot of kids smoked weed in gym class or after basketball practice. Back in my day, we called all those people’s stoners. I told my coworker that I was not ready to become a marijuana smoker. A couple of days later, my knees were hurting worse than they ever have been in the past and I told my friend that I wanted some of the weed. He brought me a joint that was already rolled up and ready to go. I smoked the marijuana joint when I got home from the gym. I must have slept for 8 hours or more. I really don’t remember falling asleep, but I didn’t wake up until the next morning when the sun was bright and shining through the window. I really like sleeping and smoking weed and it does help with the pain in my knees. I just don’t want everyone to think that I am a horrible person because I use marijuana products.
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