The police officer was caught smoking marijuana in the car

It seems like a lot of people think that the police are gods in this part of the country.

Every once in a while it’s nice to see a story about a police officer doing something criminal.

There was a police officer that was caught smoking marijuana in the cruiser. The story was on the news this week. Recreational and medical marijuana are legal in the state. The police officer wouldn’t have been doing anything wrong at all if he was not in uniform and not in a police car. The police officer was interviewed at the scene and it was hard for the guy to argue that he was not using marijuana when the car was filled with smoke and there was a bag of buds on the seat. It did not look like the police officer purchased the marijuana from a dispensary. I saw a baggie in the front seat and there isn’t a marijuana dispensary in the state that puts marijuana in a baggy like that. That comes directly from a guy on the street. My boyfriend and I were discussing the news story the next day at work and someone overheard our conversation. The guy was really upset that we were talking about the police officer and he told us that we were being judgmental. He told us that everyone smokes marijuana and it isn’t a big deal. I guess we know who in the office is a stoner. I thought my boyfriend and I were the only ones, but clearly this guy smokes cannabis too.

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