The insurance provider should cover marijuana

I truly believe doctors would propose some marijuana products to patients and that would be an item that would be covered by insurance.

It would seem that insurance would cover because it is something that is available from a healthcare provider.

Everyone of us had great health insurance plus covered for prescriptions directly through a plan. When every one of us thought we would get good results from marijuana, everyone of us found a medical marijuana identification card. At that time before I spent all of the money, it would have been good to know that there were lots of expensive medications that were covered. Everyone of us were sanctioned and as well as one of two talked with the insurance company. They are governed by different rules and medical marijuana is actually illegal to use. When we were on a mission, everyone of us started making lots of noise to the state representatives plus the governor. Even though we will probably go nowhere, it is important to let our voice be known and tell people that we are unhappy that marijuana is not covered by insurance. It’s probably going to take quite a long time before any of the Senators plus the governor will listen but now every one of us have this petition that has been signed by nearly a million people that are using medical marijuana here in the same state where we are from.


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