All of the ingredients are confusing

Going to the dispensary is a daily trip that every one of us has made and most people like to go there except if there is a big line and no one wants to wait.

My friends in addition to myself use medical marijuana and the doctor had expressed for everyone of us to have high CBD marijuana products.

During this month there were not very many places that I knew where we could get this stuff. Everyone of us walked up to someone plus told that person that we were going to be working with medical marijuana. The people I was with blessed myself easily thought this was a very good idea. We asked about the high CBD products so that we could find out about the price and that’s when everyone of us found that this marijuana product was not available to order. Products that everyone of us wanted were no longer there on the menu. Every one of us wanted to order plus we said that there were some items that had terpenes plus cannabinoids. All of us wanted these products that had high concentrations of items. She easily had all of us confused in addition to we were not listening. Everyone of us saw that people were busy and wanted to talk with the pharmacist. One of the medical orders were there and I wondered if there was any cbd products. Every one of us found out that there were a couple of other marijuana places that carried these high CBD products. Unfortunately the places were at least a hundred miles away and it was going to be difficult for everyone of us to obtain them easily.


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