Sativa strains can keep you alert

Every one of us have used medical marijuana products and all of us know that sativa strangers are supposed to be uplifting.

Sativa means to be sleepy or have fun and none of those things are actually true.

Everyone of us did not know what we could remember but we definitely do that sativa was supposed to be for daytime or maybe for sleeping. Every one of us was hoping to get someone to help with our problems which was at best something you would try to do on your worst day. Both of us were surprised when we got someone to let us talk to the pharmacist at the medical marijuana treatment facility. All of us could be given these marijuana products which would help with restless legs in addition to mental health problems as well. Both of these things seem to go hand in hand. Every one of us told this budtender that they had given me a sativa and it’s to every one of us that it would make us feel common not normally and do some type of sleep reaction. Sativa strains are supposed to make you feel awake and alert. The strains that we had, did not make us feel awake or early. I was tired and sleepy and ready to take a nap. Everyone of us hoped that the counter products were going to be better than the ones that we sampled. Turns out that we were wrong and they were complete and total garbage if you ask me.