THC rich pills are expensive at the dispensary

Marijuana was legalized and then everyone started to research the identification cards.

There were a lot of people that did not think that there was going to be any problems.

Every one of us were not sure that the identification card could be afforded because every one of us knew it was going to be a heap of money. Every one of us spent that quite bit of money that was high after taking lots of problems that were going to destroy kidneys as well as my liver. I believe I could control this pain plus not destroy my liver and that was worth some money to me. Every one of us went to the doctor to discuss medical marijuana plus everyone of us thought something high with THC would be helpful. Every one of us wanted the marijuana doctor to make us feel high. Everyone of us went with high CBD instead and there was hardly anything at all that would touch us. When I finally got my medical marijuana card, every one of us went to the local dispensary where there are sales and specials. All of us had our medical ID card and spoke with a pharmacist regarding the difference between THC + cbd. Every one of us thought we should try some of the 80% teachers. I didn’t feel like I knew much at all until after I asked questions about the different types of products and how they really affect our body. I definitely left the dispensary with more knowledge than I had the pervious day.



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