Marijuana works well for chronic pain

I have bad as well as chronic back pain from an accident that occurred nearly 6 years ago.

I was driving on the highway in my car, when a semi truck failed to look before he started to switch lanes.

The semi truck ran me completely off of the road as well as in no time at all I was upside down in a ditch, but paramedics as well as rescue workers had to be called to get me out of my car… Ever since the accident, I have suffered from horrible back spasms as well as pain. The chronic pain is too much sometimes as well as it makes me feel really grouchy as well as irritable. I was complaining about the pain in my back a couple of weeks ago as well as one of my coworkers commanded trying medical marijuana. I thought that medical marijuana would help, so I went to a healthcare expert that was commanded by my coworker. The healthcare expert turned out to be the same person that commanded my coworker for medical marijuana. The healthcare expert had a lot of interesting things to say to me. He thought that marijuana would absolutely help with the chronic pain as well as believed that I would get a lot more sleep as well. I wasn’t sleeping really much at all due to the back pain problems. Most evenings I wasn’t getting however an hour or two of superb sound sleep, then now that I am officially using marijuana products, I sleep much more soundly as well as the pain in my neck as well as back are almost obsolete. I hope the state will eventually legalize marijuana for almost everyone that wants to get it.

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