We inspected the roof most of the day

My dad asked me to help him with some Roofing repairs.

On the weekend when I had Wednesday as well as Tuesday off as well as away from work, I drove over to my Dad as well as dad’s condo so I could help my dad, then she already had all of the supplies necessary to complete the roofing repairs.

I told my dad that I was going to smoke a marijuana joint before we got started. I sat down on the porch with a small marijuana cigarette as well as I smoked the entire blunt. I gave to give my dad some, however she firmly said no. I easily didn’t know she would smoke marijuana, even though I know it’s polite to ask. When I was done with my marijuana joint, my dad as well as I got on to the roof so we could assess all of the disfigurement. There were numerous locales where the shingles were missing as well as you can see the underlayment. There were also a couple of locales where the gutters needed to be cleaned. My dad as well as I worked most of the day. I had a lot of energy after smoking the sativa marijuana point. My pal and I found the concerns with the roof as well as came up with a brilliant way to service everything that was wrong, but by the end of the day, my dad was ready to smoke a joint too. My pal and I snuck out to the woods so my dad could smoke with me. My Dad does not like the fact that my dad smokes marijuana every once in a while, so she hides it from her so she does not have to hear her complain.


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